I write because…

I write because
It forces me to reflect,
To look deep within myself,
To question myself,
To ponder my existence,
To understand my desires,
And realize my silenced needs.

reflectionsI write because
I have a voice that needs to be heard,
A narrative that needs to be shared,
A wrong that needs to be ‘writed’
A vulnerability that needs to be exposed,
A lie that needs to be liberated,
A truth that needs to be set free.

I write because
There’s nothing mightier than the pen in
Silencing ignorance and prejudice,
Debunking misconceptions,
Curing narrow-mindedness,
Broadening and shifting paradigms
– A true agent for knowledge and understanding.

I write because
Once my thoughts become written words,
They now become a conscious reality,
No longer dormant – out in the light of day,
A montage of my five senses,
A channel into my life mosaic,
A publication of my subconscious.

I write because
It’s an expression of my subsistence,
A product of my imagination,
A platform for my dreams,
A brand of my creativity,
Telling the world, here I am,
This, is me.

I write, because.


I’m taking the Writing101 course hosted by WordPress.  For our first assignment, we were asked to sit down for 15 or 30 minutes and write a post about why we write, beginning our post with “I write because”.  Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


The Cost of Greatness is Responsibility

ImageWinston Churchill once said,
“The price of greatness is responsibility”,
His words could not be any truer,
For with greatness, comes accountability,
Which inadvertently leads to responsibility,
Not just for yourself, but for others,
For those whom you love, and who love you,
For those who look up to you,
As well as those green in envy,
Who could only wish to be more like you,
A heavy load it is to shoulder,
An everlasting sense of liability,
For every word which departs between your lips,
For every action of your limbs,
For every time your efforts fail you,
And when your intentions are misconstrued,
So long as the sun rises from the east,
And night follows the day,
You are held responsible,
A burden you must shoulder with a smile,
A burden which is accompanied by stress,
Sleepless nights and worrying,
Heartaches and loss of appetite,
Wrinkles and grey streaks,
But always remember your efforts,
Are not futile but an object of awe,
For only those with great strength can grip,
The hot handles of responsibility,
And know that you have been honored,
With a task only made for the great,
And whenever you feel alone,
Know that you are not,
For your efforts with the right intention,
And a humble heart filled with humility,
Are counted by the Ever-Watchful.


IImage awake by the sound of birds chirping at my window
The light glittering into my room, blinding my eyes
As I lay in bed, taking pleasure in the moment
I can’t help but remember the good old days

Of innocence and joy, a sense of security
Lacking accountability, and responsibility
Every moment, lasting a lifetime
Tomorrow always centuries away

Sounds filling the air with colourful laughter
Warm smiles defying the faults of life
Limpid eyes watching in fascination
With no measure of the realities of time

As I smell the sweet summer air,
A fragrance that I forget not dare,
Of days of innocence and purity,
For days like these, are counted.

Lost Soul

ImageSomewhere beneath that hard shell,
Lies an empty vulnerable core,
In much despair, with no sense of way,
Only time and honesty can help them ashore,

No weaknesses seep through,
Strength and endurance is only displayed,
If one only knew what lay underneath,
In shock and disbelief, they’d be dismayed,

Life is merely a whimsical front,
To mask their low self-identity,
A way of survival and masquerade,
A deceitful sense of reality,

But deep down underneath,
Lies a helpless sensation of confusion,
In the shadows of darkness,
Covered in their own delusion.

Children of Misfortune

ImageIn a terrain of loneliness and disparity,
Dreams are often denied,
Where life is but a narrow window
Opportunities, seldom seeping through

Raped at birth of the necessities of life,
Tormented minds scouring for hope,
Desperate hearts longing for comfort,
Living life the only way one could,

As the hands of time turn,
At its slow but sure pace,
Nothing to gain, only pain,
No relief, only grief…

Opportunities are shattered, 
Destroying anything that ever mattered,
Despite all this anguish and adversity,
Hope leers, managing to let out a smile…

A beam of light shines through the window,
A warm breeze brings in a fragrance, comforting the mind,
The gentle swaying of the trees bring in a new tune,
Putting an end to the flow of endless streams,

With each breath, faith is strengthened,
Filling the heart with the will and desire to survive,
The vibrant seeds of ambition and perseverance are sown,
The sweet taste of sanguinity now filling the air.



Bullying – After the Fact

ImageWe were there when it happened,
The name-calling, the stalking,
The slandering, the backbiting,
We saw the tears, we felt the pain,
But we remained silent in shame.

While they jeered and made fun of you,
We stood there, smiling and laughing,
We may not have said those words,
But we helped make your life a living hell,

Passively assisting them in your torment,
By being there, we encouraged them,
By remaining silent, we supported them
We were their applause, their shot of adrenalin.

We did not stand up to defend you,
Nor did we turn around and walk away,
We stood cowardly as they continued their teasing.
Ghostly watching as it snowballed, day after day.

There was a terrible pain I couldn’t express.
Because we continued to remain silent,
Standing, watching, and laughing, with a phony grin,
We let it happen because we didn’t have the gall.

We may not have pulled the trigger,
Nor said words to hurt you,
But we contributed to your death,
By being there and remaining silent.

(This goes out to all those people who remain quiet while someone else is being oppressed, bullied or mistreated in any way, whether it’s at home, at school, or in the work place…)

I’m Sexy and I know it – Burkini Version

When I walk on by, all the guys wonderin’ if I be fly,
I walk to my beat, strolling on the street in my buriqini, yeah
This is how I roll, floral print, hijab outta control,
It’s the girl with the smooth flow,
And like Mary – yeah – I got the glow.saqueena

Ah, can’t look at my body
Ah, can’t look at my body
Ah, can’t look at my body,
Ya I work out!

When I hit the spot, this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stops and they staring at me,
I got passion under my material and I ain’t gonna show it, show it, show it
I’m sexy and I know it

When I’m at the pool, I don’t care nor bother to make grown men drool,
When I’m at the beach, all the girls be looking at me like I’m a freak, (what)
This is how I roll, come on ladies it’s time to go
We headed to the shop, girl don’t be nervous,
More material, less skin – get the respect you deserve (watch)

Ah.. Girl respect that body
Ah, Girl respect that body
Ah, Girl respect that body
Ah, and work out! 😉